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Frost in the Fall.png

The Art of Equanimity

At the heart of the 5,000 year old tradition of yoga….is the art of equanimity.  The balance between effort and ease.  When I came to yoga 23 years ago this was a foreign concept to me.  Relaxed effort?  Growing up in the US with the societal influence of the puritan work ethic, I came by a hard work ethic honestly, with the ingrained societal pressure to succeed. 

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Frost in the Fall.png
Frost in the Fall.png

Seeds of Change & Letting Go

This morning it happened.  The seeds that I so lovingly cultivated and cared for that bloomed in all their glory and shared their bright warm energy the past several months were greeted with the first hard freeze of the fall season.  They didn't resist. They gave way to the presence of change and allowed the cold  .....Read More

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The Silent Blessing
of Forgiveness

The change in the seasons and the light...has made me a little more introspective.  The fall season opens up the art of turning inward and today the morning light had me reflecting on forgiveness.  The Art of Forgiveness and its shared Blessing.....Read More

Image by Lenstravelier
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