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The Seeds of Change and Letting Go

Frost in the Fall_edited.png

This morning it happened.  The seeds that I so lovingly cultivated and cared for that bloomed in all their glory and shared their bright warm energy the past several months were greeted with the first hard freeze of the fall season.  They didn’t resist.  They gave way to the presence of change and allowed the cold searing crispness to come in to their spiny branches that ascended up toward the highest star.  There wasn’t a struggle to stay in their summer glory. For they knew that they had left their seeds scattered by the birds, the wind, myself and my daughter, among my backyard garden. I see this changing of the guard in my backyard, this seasonal passing outside my kitchen sink window each day….If I…..if I am paying attention. 


Each season presenting its gifts and each season letting go for new life to emerge.  It is this force outside my window in the realness of life that reminds me that I am part of this seasonal shift.  To be present for it,  to remind myself in my early morning meditations to let go and….may I be at peace with what comes.  May I be content as I am.  May I embrace change in all its expressions.


So much of our internal struggle stems from not embracing change.  It’s the ego that will encourage us to hold on.  Looking out this morning on the crisp brown flowers that now fill my backyard garden, I am reminded that I am intimately connected and part of this ever changing landscape around me. Remembering to let go like the leaves that have fallen from the trees and like the flowers that have given way to seeds and have returned to the soil to nourish the earth. 


Can we pause and receive the cues and wisdom from the gifts of this season? What do you need to let go of to allow yourself to further step toward freedom and this great expansive ever changing life you are part of?

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