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Compassionate and Therapeutic Approach that is an

Antidote from the Rush and Pressure of Modern Society

This integrative approach blends the healing practices of yoga, somatic movement therapy, functional diaphragmatic breath work, and mindful meditation.  It is developed by Lynne Jacobs after over 20 years of education, practice and teaching in the mind/body healing arts. 


Experience a new dimension of practice that: 


  • Is slower and deeply nourishing and honors everyones unique mind and body.

  • Re-educates the neuromuscular system to relieve tension, joint stiffness, chronic fatigue, lower back, neck and shoulder pain, and reduce anxiety. 

  • Allows for a deeper cultivation of sensory awareness that helps the body's innate intelligence to self regulate and heal.

  • Develops a compassionate and trusting relationship with your body.

  • Increases proprioceptive awareness for better balance and posture.  

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