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In my experience, what Lynne offers is completely unique...such a powerful integrative experience of mind, body and spirit!   Most of us live in such a fractured, compartmentalized, disconnected space. Most of us have lost touch with such important parts of ourselves! Even online in a pre-recorded session, I experience Lynne as a teacher like no other! It’s not only her depth of knowledge and experience, but the way in which she is to invite, share, and draw others into that experience. She presents with such professionalism and expertise, and yet at the same time is so gentle, humble, authentic and approachable. Her presence, pace, tone, clarity and precision of language, guidance and instruction make everything so personal and accessible.  Lynne has heart and passion for what she shares with a generous spirit. All of this combines in such a unique way as to create an experience that is truly therapeutic, healing, wholesome, nourishing, pure, life-giving.  ~Tim Carroll

"I cannot say enough how Lynne's approach has helped me! I have scoliosis and was struggling with bad posture and had tried a lot of things over the years that hadn't really helped me.  After a few sessions with Lynne I was hooked!  Her method not only relieved my back issues, but also improved my posture, my balance and my overall well-being.  Her unique approach has helped me in so many ways.  The emphasis on how your breathing and moving with awareness has been crucial to my health and well-being.  I couldn't believe the difference it made after only a couple of months of incorporating this into my life.  I only wish I had started this practice long ago.  Lynne tailors my sessions to address my specific needs and is knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient and I feel so lucky and blessed to know and have her as a teacher." ~ Connie Williams

We have been practicing with Lynne for seven years and would highly recommend her.  We are in our eighties and it has made a huge difference in our movement and daily activities.  Lynne really cares about her students and is gifted in adapting her lessons for our individual needs.  ~Suzy and Pete Gilbert

I would encourage students of all lineages and ages to experience this practice - there is learning here that is relevant to everyone. This type of practice gently escorts you from the 'doing' world that we live in to the 'being' world that we seek for soulful, mindful sustenance. It is truly a holistic approach comprised of gentle yoga with somatic movement therapy, compassion, and mindfulness meditation and conveyed that it also relates to our individual ethics, our interactions with others, and the world. Lynne’s supportive guidance facilitates slow and smooth engagement and release in the exercises which supported me to tune in and work at a level that felt nourishing to my muscles and joints without attachment to an outcome but instead a focus on the process and being with my body moment to moment. ~ Dana Mangraviti

In the past, I had been hesitant about joining a yoga class, but I am so thankful that I did.  I am especially thankful for being able to attend Lynne's classes over the last 5+ years.  My profession is prone to back issues and since attending her classes I have had little to no back issues.  She is a great instructor for any experience level and is truly dedicated to her students.  She not only gives great guidance as to proper mechanics and form in the studio, she also shows you how to implement some yoga practices into moments of everyday life.  I can whole heartedly say that I have benefited both mentally and physically from attending Lynne's classes.  I definitely recommend Lynne Jacobs.  ~Mark Fisher

I have practiced with Lynne for approximately six years.  Her integrative approach has helped me immensely through my bout of cancer, cancer treatments and hip and knee replacements.  She integrates mindful meditation and breath work into my practice as well and it all has had such a positive impact on my life.  I now live with a mindful and slower pace!   There is a special ‘inner spirit’ for me that only comes from Lynne.  She has a way of connecting to her students that is unique, her inner soul intertwines with my inner soul.  My husband refers to my practice with Lynne as… “Fran’s happy place!" ~Fran Bagley

My journey through yoga with Lynne Jacobs has been everything I hoped it would be and way more than I expected.  I began several years ago as a 40ish recreational athlete who was tired of being stiff and sore from my workouts. I found Lynne on the recommendation of a friend, and she started a small group class of similar minded people.  I expected the improved flexibility and equanimity, and it occurred.  What I did not expect was even greater though.  I found decreased joint pain, improved bodily awareness while being active at work which led to less back pain, and increased core strength. I had no idea she was going to improve my ability to do my job without bodily pain through one hour of interaction per week.  She gave me poses that I could do and just let me build my base of learning to relax, breathe, and find out what I can do on a daily basis.  She taught me to accept what I can and cannot do on that particular day, to be ok with it, and to work with it.  She gradually added in newer poses so that there was always change and variety, but it was always in a way that I had support and did not feel like it was something of which I wasn’t capable.Basically, she has taught me to get more out of my body, with less pain, and those lessons have been applied to the rest of my day outside the yoga studio.  I am now capable of recognizing when I am in a position at work that is going to be detrimental, when I never noticed it before.  Her class has improved the way I walk, the way I work, and the way I breathe.   I couldn’t ask for much more.  ~Jon  Molnar

Four years ago I would never have imagined that I would fall in love with yoga . I always felt like it was not for me and that I would be much better off pumping weights or working out in the gym. That is until I met Lynne and tried yoga for the first time. Needless to say my life has not been the same ever since. The one hour session I have with her weekly is easily the most important hour of my week. I always look forward to my yoga practice and if for some reason I can’t make it due to work or a holiday my body does not feel the same. Lynne makes the very difficult poses and yoga sequences so easy to learn. She takes time to help you understand the practice of yoga and always fine tunes the sessions to my limitations.  The most amazing thing is that I am continuously practicing  all day, adjusting my posture and stretching while I’m working. This has helped my body and mind so much that I don’t think I’ll be able to survive without yoga. This is all due to Lynne, she has really made a big difference.  When I go on vacations or when I’m out of town I’ve tried to go to other yoga sessions but it’s never the same. I thank her for changing my life!  ~Damus Lufadeju 

My doubts concerning age, knowledge of yoga and commitment were dispelled on my first session in the teacher training program.  The instruction introduced me to the sacred teaching, the cornerstone of yoga.  The weekend lectures consisting of pranayama, asana, meditation, anatomy were taught in an understandable way.  There was a mutual trust and friendship among students and our director, Lynne Jacobs, was one of constant support and guidance making my studies an attainable reality.  This program is for anyone wishing to share the gift of yoga and its many facets as a teacher or to deepen your present practice with self awareness and reconnect you to a more fulfilled life.  It is never too late to enhance your passion for yoga and explore the strength of mind and body and nurture your spirit with inner peace.   ~Nereida Diaz

I entered the training on blind faith that I was meant to take a teacher training program at this time in my life.  I am forever grateful for Lynne, her wisdom, warmth and knowledge.  I have learned from every woman in the training.  Each one brought love and wisdom and I love each one.  They have impacted my life in a huge way.  I started training to “teach yoga”.  Through asana, meditation, and the love I have for my fellow students, I have learned about myself, found my passion, and have grown as a person.  The training is so much more than learning how to teach a pose.  Whatever the reason for entering training, a person will be on the greatest adventure of personal discovery and growth, while meeting, loving and bonding with people who will change their heart and world.  I would go through the training again in a moment! ~Jill Condra 

Lynne Jacobs has built her program to truly nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each of the teacher trainees. I have not experienced this type of growth of understanding and experience of yoga from any of my other studies in the field. Lynne’s insight into the pedagogy of yoga puts her at the level of being a teacher’s teacher. It takes no more than moments to realize her caring and welcoming energy and it underscores every experience within the training program. If you are wishing to deepen your practice and change your life, then Lynne's program is exactly what you are looking for. I feel I have received a firm foundation to continue building upon as I refine my own practice and teaching. ~Libby Gore

When I signed up for the teacher training program I worried that I would be the oldest participant.  I am 56 and I was actually in the middle of the age group!  Our youngest trainee was 23 and the oldest 70.  It has been an incredible and amazing experience for me.  Our group has loved and supported each other every step of the way.   We have all grown and supported each other.  We have friendships forged from hard work and support of each other.  I know I speack for our group when I say “this is one of the best experiences I ever made.”  It will impact my life from this point forward in a most positive way.”  ~Sandra Morris

The teacher training program was a wonderful experience for me.  I got everything I expected out of it and even more."   

~ Gayle Monk 

Taking the teacher training  was one of the best things I have ever done.  The training expanded my knowledge of yoga and was insightful.  The personal guidance to meditate and have a daily practice improved my yoga teaching better than it was before.  I would do it again in a heartbeat. ~Judith Jennings         

I came to the teacher training with the intention of broadening my knowledge as a yoga instructor and earning my RYT certification.  In the end my intention was filled.  What I never anticipated was the empowering spiritual awareness and awakening yoga brought to my mind, body and soul.  Thank you, Lynne!  ~Ellyn Houston

I wish everyone could take a training with Lynne! It has a life changing experience for me! ~ Beverly Beck

My experience of Lynne's teacher training...words cannot fully do it justice for what this program has done for me.  If you are looking to enrich your life and explore a new path or wanting to be part of a program that truly prepares you to teach yoga; Lynne's program is the one that I would recommend!  ~ Brandi Dixon

The yoga teacher training was so many amazing things.  I learned more than I could have imagined and would defiantly recommend Lynne's teacher training!  ~ Belle Tanner

The training was a transformative experience.  Just what I needed to continue the journey of self discovery. ~ Ann Glass

This was an excellent training! The manual and videos were very thorough and I'm walking away with skills I can easily share with my students as well as, new practices for myself. Lynne Jacobs has a very calm and peaceful presence as well as being very knowledgeable of the material she is sharing. Jenn Gebhart

This was a fantastic course, highly recommend. Lynne provides a well balanced, informative course with a foundation in experience, love, and grace. I really loved learning and being within her space and look forward to continuing my education with her. Shyann Hibbs

I am grateful this course was available when searching for continuing ed. I knew I wanted to begin researching more of a subtle body healing approach that has to do with releasing stored traumas and held patterns in the body as it relates to yoga. This class provided that and more. I believe in Lynne's compassionate approach and look forward to taking level 2 of this course next year. Amanda Humel

I’m so glad to have found Lynne’s Integrative Somatic Yoga course online.  I much prefer face to face training but Lynne’s approach, her warm  professionalism, the excellent videos and workbook and the regular zoom sessions made this feel very accessible for me.


I have loved incorporating the new ideas into my own practice.  The chapter, Creating Safe Space for Transformation, reflects the breadth and depth of Lynne’s teaching, as she embodies what she teaches.


I particularly like the poses on the floor- I have scoliosis and ‘fighting gravity’ is tiring for me. The hip and shoulder releases have been wonderful for me as well. 

Thank you Lynne- I highly recommend this training.


Penny Noble, C- IAYT


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