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with Lynne Jacobs, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

This unique 300-Hour training empowers teachers with the skills to confidently teach accessible yoga for our modern times.  

Deepen your insight, grow your confidence and expand all that you bring to your yoga teaching.

You want to learn a highly effectively way to help your students who suffer from chronic neck, lower back and shoulder pain, tension, and stress related conditions.
You are a yoga teacher that is looking for a yoga training that is non-dogmatic and integrates the wisdom of ancient yoga with modern, updated, sound practices 
You desire to tap into working with the nervous system and ...trauma informed. 
You want to learn a highly effectively way to help your students who suffer from chronic neck, lower back and shoulder pain, tension, and stress related conditions.
As we grow and develop as teachers, most of us realize that we need additional, higher-level training to be a more skillful teacher that is able to truly meet our students needs. My 300-hour online yoga teacher training has the depth, knowledge, organized structure and format to empower you with all that you need to transform your own personal practice and meet the modern day challenges that your students face.   that can help solve many of the common challenges that yoga teachers experience. Here’s some of the biggest challenges this course addresses: 

How the 300-Hour Online Training Works

This training is designed to be both flexible and supportive.  
It is divided into three, 100-hour modules that you can take in any order.  
Each module is a blend of recorded lessons and practice sessions and live interactive group Zoom sessions. 

Each Module Includes:

Weekly guided yoga, pranayama, and meditation sessions on both the live sessions and  pre-recorded video that are accessible anytime. 
Pre-recorded lectures with a 12-week schedule. Lynne provides an organized schedule to help keep you on track and motivated.  You can also go at your own pace and take longer to complete each module.  You will have access to each module for 12 months from the start of each module so you can take longer than the 12 weeks to complete the module and also return to the recorded lessons as many times as you need.
A 400+ page Integrative Somatic Yoga Method Manual. Each module has its own downloadable and printable PDF manual to reinforce the teachings in the course and to refer to support the learning process.  
8 live group Zoom session per module (Total of 24 live sessions for the training).  Sessions are 2.5 hours and to help accommodate different times zones and schedules are held on either Wednesdays or Saturdays.  There are two choices of meeting times for each week's scheduled call giving you the flexibility to pick which call time better fits into your schedule. Calls are recorded and available to watch for students who can't make a live call.  Scroll down to the FAQ's below for each modules dates for the live calls.

"I cannot say enough how Lynne's approach has helped me! I have scoliosis and was struggling with bad posture and had tried a lot of things over the years that hadn't really helped me.  After a few sessions with Lynne I was hooked!  Her method not only relieved my back issues, but also improved my posture, my balance and my overall well-being.  Her unique approach has helped me in so many ways.  The emphasis on how your breathing and moving with awareness has been crucial to my health and well-being.  I couldn't believe the difference it made after only a couple of months of incorporating this into my life.  I only wish I had started this practice long ago.  Lynne tailors my sessions to address my specific needs and is knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient and I feel so lucky and blessed to know and have her as a teacher".  ~ Connie Williams

"This was an excellent training! The manual and videos were very thorough and I'm walking away with skills I can easily share with my students as well as, new practices for myself. Lynne Jacobs has a very calm and peaceful presence as well as being very knowledgeable of the material she is sharing."

~Jenn Gebhart, E-RYT-500

When you join the training, here is what you will receive......

 6 Training Modules - Taught by Lynne Jacobs

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These  6 modules are the foundation of the training to help you learn, practice and successfully teach ISY.  Each module is between 4-8 hours of content including lectures that are divided up into short easy to reference and digest videos as well as practice sessions that support the learning material for each module.  

 ISY Level 1- Training Manual 

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Each module has its own downloadable and printable PDF manual to reinforce the teachings in the course and keep you organized. There is also a downloadable 150 page combined training manual with all the modules combined into one document for easy access and referencing after you complete the course. 

 Private Member Training Site

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All of the course material is neatly organized and held in an online private member training site for easy access anytime on either your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Inside this membership site is where you will find your onboarding videos, training videos, practice sessions, manuals, bonus material and links to the live Zoom sessions and recordings.

Live Teaching and Q & A Sessions 
with Lynne Jacobs

As part of the training you will have access to 6 LIVE online sessions with Lynne.  These  90 minute Zoom sessions provide live support for the material you have received in the recorded modules and offers time for questions and answers.

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Plus You''ll Receive These Special Bonuses

Bonus 1
Two Individual Teaching Evaluations

For teachers and therapists that will be teaching and sharing ISY with their clients there is an option to receive two separate individual teaching evaluations from Lynne.  This is optional and is not a requirement to complete the course and become certified at Level 1.  If you want to take advantage of this bonus you will: Submit one or two separate 30 minute to 90 minute teaching videos that integrates ISY at Level 1 in the video.  The teaching videos can be either a private session or group class and can be taught either online or in person.  Lynne will evaluate your teaching video and provide a detailed form with valuable feedback that will be emailed back to you. Students have up to one year from the start of the course to submit their teaching evaluation videos. This is truly a great resource for teachers/therapists that will be incorporating the ISY tools into their teaching.  

Bonus 2
Three Additional ISY Guided Meditations

Along with the foundational ISY meditations that you will receive in the course , Lynne will share three additional guided meditations for you to incorporate into your own personal practice and share with your clients.  These are meditations that Lynne has shared with her clients over the past 10 years that provide guidance for students  on grounding their energy, connecting to the heart and tuning into the vast gift of life.  

"I would encourage students of all lineages and ages to experience this practice - there is learning here that is relevant to everyone. This type of practice gently escorts you from the 'doing' world that we live in to the 'being' world that we seek for soulful, mindful sustenance. It is truly a holistic approach comprised of gentle yoga with somatic movement therapy, compassion, and mindfulness meditation and conveyed that it also relates to our individual ethics, our interactions with others, and the world. Lynne’s supportive guidance facilitates slow and smooth engagement and release in the exercises which supported me to tune in and work at a level that felt nourishing to my muscles and joints without attachment to an outcome but instead a focus on the process and being with my body moment to moment."

~ Dana Mangraviti, RYT- 200

An Overview of the Training

Here is everything you will receive:

  1. 6 Recorded Training Modules  with 25- Hours of Training Material

  2. 150 Page ISY Level 1 Downloadable Training Manual

  3. 6 LIVE 90 Minute Online Teaching and Q & A Sessions with Lynne with Recording Available 

  4. Private Member Online Training Site

  5. Online Email Support for Q &A

  6. Level 1 ISY Instructor Certification of Completion

  7. Bonus 1- Individual Teaching Evaluation and Feedback (optional)

  8. Bonus 2- Three Additional Guided Integrative Somatic Yoga Healing Meditations

  9. Eligible for 35 CEU's with Yoga Alliance

  10. Eligible for 35 CEU's with the International Association of Yoga Therapists

  11. Upon completion of the ISY- Level 1 training, you will be eligible to register for the ISY Level 2 training. 


Module 1:
Opening Up the Pathways to Well-Being

Here's what we will explore:

  • Methodology and ISY Principles

  • Sensory Motor Amnesia & Pandiculation 

  • 3 Somatic Reflexes

  • Trauma Informed Yoga - Creating Safe Spaces for Transformation 

  • Tips, Guidelines and Benefits


Module 2:
Finding Peace in the Pause

Here's what we will explore:

  • Developing Sensory Awareness

  • Inviting Compassionate Observation 

  • Exploring Proprioception

  • Practices to Prepare for ISY

  • Foundations of Functional Diaphragmatic Breathing for Well-Being


Module 3:
Freeing The Spine

Here's what we will explore:

  • ISY postures for Upper, Middle and Lower Back

  • Foundational Sequences for Everyday Back Care

  • How to modify the Poses for Specific Needs


Module 4:
Stability & Ease From the Ground Up

Here's what we will explore:

  • ISY postures for Hips, Legs, Ankles, and Feet

  • Foundational Sequences for Hips, Legs, Ankles and Feet

  • How to Modify the Poses for Specific Needs 


Module 5:
Essential Care for the Upper Body

Here's what we will explore:

  • ISY postures for Neck, Face, and Shoulders

  • Foundational Sequences for Neck, Face, and Shoulders

  • How to Modify the Poses for Specific Needs 


Module 6:
Being in the Field of Magnificent Ease

Here's what we will explore:

  • How to Integrate ISY into a Traditional Yoga Practice

  • Foundational Sequences for Overall Well-Being

  • Foundational ISY Meditations

  • Teaching From a Place of Compassion and Understanding

  • Healing the Healer: The Importance of Self-Care for the Teacher

"The Integrative Somatic Yoga Level 1 Training with Lynne Jacobs was a beautiful experience that I encourage you to give yourself. I came to this course in search of continuing education through Yoga Alliance, with an interest in how I could help my students to better calm their nervous systems. Noticing the mental health crisis and wanting to help, I have become more focused on trauma informed care including somatic movement. When I saw Lynne’s course, I knew it was the one, I am so happy I took it, and look forward to the Level 2 Training in 2023. By taking this training I have intimately learned new ways to care for my body with intentional movement that stems from my center, and the importance of slowing down. I feel that what I learned in this course has helped me personally with the healing of my own body, as well as professionally as I feel I can reach my students on a deeper level with healing and helping them connect to their own bodies and hearts. Lynne provided such a lovely, safe, and calming space to learn, heal, and grow, it was an honor to take this training".

~ Amanda Humel, RYT

Amanda Humel_edited.jpg

Walk away from this training empowered with these integrative tools and combined with your empathy and compassion will ensure that you are helping your students feel and be their best! 

This training is currently in session.  The spring 2024 training starts in April. Join the waiting list to be notified when registration opens. 

- Last Training Offered in 2024 Starts on June 18th -

This course is designed to be flexible and supportive.  Students can follow a guided 8-week path to complete the training or take up to one year at your own pace. All students have access to the course for 1 year.

One Payment of

- OR -
Three Payments of $199

"I’m so glad to have found Lynne’s Integrative Somatic Yoga course online.  I much prefer face to face training but Lynne’s approach, her warm  professionalism, the excellent videos and workbook and the regular zoom sessions made this feel very accessible for me.  I have loved incorporating the new ideas into my own practice.  The chapter, Creating Safe Space for Transformation, reflects the breadth and depth of Lynne’s teaching, as she embodies what she teaches.  I particularly like the poses on the floor- I have scoliosis and ‘fighting gravity’ is tiring for me. The hip and shoulder releases have been wonderful for me as well. Thank you Lynne- I highly recommend this training."

~Penny Noble, C- IAYT


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are the weekly classes recorded or live?
    The new weekly classes are recorded and added to the ESC online community on the first four Thursdays of the month. You also have access to the ESC online video library that houses dozens of previously recorded classes that you can access at anytime.
  • When are the live classes held?
    Live classes and the live Q&A sessions are offered four times a year, quarterly, on Zoom. Inside the ESC Community is a schedule and link to attend the live Zoom classes and live Q&A sessions.
  • What happens after I purchase a membership?
    When you purchase a membership and join the ESC Community, you will provide an email and password. Save this email and password as this is what you will use to login into the private online community. After you purchase a membership, you will be directed to a welcome page that provides details on getting started and a link to the online membership. Lynne will also send you a welcome email that provides this information. If you weren't directed to the welcome page after purchasing, please contact us at Also, sometimes our email ends up in spam folders, so be sure to check your spam folder to see if Lynne's welcome email landed there. Please contact us if you having any trouble accessing the online private community after you join.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Please note that there are no full or partial membership refunds for either monthly or yearly memberships. If you choose the monthly membership, your membership will automatically renew each month, but you may cancel your membership at anytime, there are no commitments with the monthly plan. If you cancel your monthly membership, the cancellation will begin for the next scheduled payment, as there are no partial refunds. There are no partial refunds for those that choose the yearly membership.
  • How can I get support?
    We are here to help support you along the way with any questions you may have about the ESC Membership, registering, and accessing the membership once you have registered. For support, please email: We typically respond within 48 hours and are here to answer any questions you have.

I respect your privacy and personal information and will never share your information with anyone. Also, in an already overstimulating world, I will not send you a lot of email. Opt out anytime by choosing unsubscribe. Thank you for your interest in Integrative Somatic Yoga!

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