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An Introduction to Integrative Somatic Yoga

A deeply nourishing and therapeutic approach to mind/body well being.



3- Hour Online Course

Integrative Somatic Yoga is a unique blend of gentle yoga, somatic movement therapy and mindful meditation. This unique therapeutic approach releases chronic tension, improves muscular imbalances, increases range of motion, proprioception and coordination, improves posture, and increases ones overall sense of mind-body well-being. Lynne has developed this  style of yoga from her many years of training and working with a wide variety of students in her yoga therapy practice. She has found it to be beneficial and appropriate for all students regardless of age or physical abilities.

For this workshop, Lynne will explore practices that release the lower back, mid back, shoulders and neck along with improving  overall proprioception.  There will also be a brief discussion on the theory and history of this practice and why it is so beneficial for all types of students.  Join Lynne for a wonderful afternoon of mind/body wellness!

  • Includes 3 hours of content

  • Full practice session for lower and mid back care

  • Full practice session focused on proprioceptive awareness, core integration, and improved posture

  • Guided gravity scan savasana relaxation

  • Guided sensory awareness meditation

  • Discussion on the theory and benefits behind this style of practice

  • Purchase for $45 and is accessible to download or access online

There are 7 lessons for this online workshop with a total of 3 hours of content.  Students can watch the workshop in full by following the lessons in order or watching lessons individually on there own.  It is recommended to watch the introduction first before watching the practice lessons individually.  After purchasing the workshop you will receive an email with a link to access the online workshop. Enjoy!

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