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Somatics for Yoga Teachers

Level 1 In-Person Certification

Empowering teachers with integrative tools to better support their clients healing, health and whole person wellness.  

Two Weekend Training

January 20th/21st & February 17th/18th, 2024

SpringStone Yoga

Rome, Georgia

As we evolve and grow as teachers we need new tools to integrate with traditional yoga to help heal and have whole person wellness for ourselves and our clients. 

 Lynne Jacobs, Founder of Integrative Somatic Yoga

Hello Passionate Teacher and Student of Life!

If you are reading this I know you are among those that CARE deeply for how you can positively impact the lives of others. Maybe you have delved into yoga or another movement arts practice out of great care for your life and have a passion for helping your clients be and feel their best. I'm with you and share the love of helping others and having a practice that nourishes me daily. Yoga has profoundly changed my life for the better.  For the past 20 years I have practiced, studied and taught yoga, becoming an Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500 ) and a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT). 


It wasn’t until I experienced a traumatic life event about 10 years ago that I discovered I needed new tools within my yoga practice to meet me where I was and help put the pieces back together again physically and emotionally.   

Aided by the resources I had cultivated along my path and doing further study in somatics, trauma informed yoga, and functional diaphragmatic breath work, I shifted my focus toward slower, gentler yoga and embodied somatic practices that were deeply infused with awareness.  Along with this, I combined conscious diaphragmatic breath work and somatic meditations to help regulate my nervous system. This new integrative approach opened up a much deeper level of healing for me physically and emotionally than I had ever experienced in the past. 


I found there was freedom, stability, and healing on the other side of physical pain, grief, disorientation and struggle.


Integrative Somatic Yoga (ISY)  is born out of my own personal transformation and life's work of two decades of study in mind/body practices and helping hundreds of students as a yoga therapist. 

Life presents us and our clients with injuries, illnesses, life challenges, stress related tension, aging, burnout, and disconnect that often require a unique set of tools to help navigate back to well-being.  

I've seen first hand how this unique approach has profoundly helped my clients in ways that traditional yoga alone hadn’t. After almost a decade of teaching this unique method to my students, it is time to share this with other teachers and therapists.  

Is this you?


Do you want to add to your toolbox of skills to help your clients reduce pain and tension, increase mobility, and access deeper sensory awareness to help relieve anxiety and tap into their innate intelligence to self regulate and heal?

If this training has found you at the right time on your path, I am fully committed to empowering you with the skills to effectively practice and teach this integrative method of yoga.  If you are interested in this training and have no background in teaching, but you are passionate about learning this method, I encourage you to enroll as this practice is accessible to all students.

Together may this endeavor not only empower you with the skills to better serve your clients, but also may our efforts collectively create a kinder, more compassionate and healthy world.  

With Deep Respect,

Signature Pallace Script.png
You want to learn a highly effectively way to help your students who suffer from chronic neck, lower back and shoulder pain, tension, and stress related conditions.
You need additional skills to safely work with and help the aging
population and clients with injuries.
You are looking for a practice that is slower and more nourishing that honors everyones unique mind/body and moves away from "doing it right" and emphasizes cultivating the wise inner teacher.

You like engaging in a learning process that empowers you to take care of yourself and your clients through compassionate embodied movement and breath work. 








This was a fantastic course, highly recommend. Lynne was fantastic and such a supportive guide through somatic yoga training. She provides a well balanced, informative course with a foundation in experience, love, and grace. I really loved learning and being within her space and l look forward to continuing my education with her and this style of yoga.  ~ Shyann Perry Hibbs, RYT-200

Shyann Perry Hibbs_edited_edited_edited.jpg


ISY is a compassionate and therapeutic approach that integrates gentle yoga, somatics, functional diaphragmatic breath work, mindful meditation and trauma informed healing practices.  

  • How to teach a series of foundational ISY postures and sequences for daily self-care and wellbeing.

  • The theory and principles of somatic pandiculation for neuromuscular re-education to effectively relieve tension and improve posture.

  • How to build sensory motor awareness and increase proprioceptive awareness.

  • How to sequence postures for a group class or private session to address specific needs.

  • How to teach the art of letting go and the importance of "not doing" and "being" with the emphasis on cultivating  the connection to their wise inner teacher.

  • How to teach and inspire your students to practice in ways that cultivates an inner dialogue that develops a compassionate and trusting relationship with their body.    

  • Tips and modifications that allow you to adapt this practice to each clients specific needs in group classes and private sessions. 


You will receive: 

  • 32 Hours of Valuable In-Person Training 

  • 150 Page ISY Level 1 Manual

  • A Certificate of Completion and Eligible to Register for Level 2 Training

  • Eligiable for 35 CEU's with Yoga Alliance

  • Eligible for 35 CEU's with International Association of Yoga Therapists

  • Optional Bonus- Students Have Up to One Year to Submit a Teaching Video to Receive Valuable Feedback From Lynne 

I would encourage students of all lineages and ages to experience this practice - there is learning here that is relevant to everyone. This type of practice gently escorts you from the 'doing' world that we live in to the 'being' world that we seek for soulful, mindful sustenance. It is truly a holistic approach comprised of gentle yoga with somatic movement therapy, compassion, and mindfulness meditation and conveyed that it also relates to our individual ethics, our interactions with others, and the world. Lynne’s supportive guidance facilitates slow and smooth engagement and release in the exercises which supported me to tune in and work at a level that felt nourishing to my muscles and joints without attachment to an outcome but instead a focus on the process and being with my body moment to moment. ~ Dana Mangraviti, RYT- 200


Module 1:
Opening Up the Pathways to Well-Being

Here's what we will explore:

  • Methodology and ISY Principles

  • Sensory Motor Amnesia & Pandiculation 

  • 3 Somatic Reflexes

  • Trauma Informed Yoga - Creating Safe Spaces for Transformation 

  • Tips, Guidelines and Benefits


Module 2:
Finding Peace in the Pause

Here's what we will explore:

  • Developing Sensory Awareness

  • Inviting Compassionate Observation 

  • Exploring Proprioception

  • Practices to Prepare for ISY

  • Foundations of Functional Diaphragmatic Breathing for Well-Being


Module 3:
Freeing The Spine

Here's what we will explore:

  • ISY postures for Upper, Middle and Lower Back

  • Foundational Sequences for Everyday Back Care

  • How to modify the Poses for Specific Needs


Module 4:
Stability & Ease From the Ground Up

Here's what we will explore:

  • ISY postures for Hips, Legs, Ankles, and Feet

  • Foundational Sequences for Hips, Legs, Ankles and Feet

  • How to Modify the Poses for Specific Needs 


Module 5:
Essential Care for the Upper Body

Here's what we will explore:

  • ISY postures for Neck, Face, and Shoulders

  • Foundational Sequences for Neck, Face, and Shoulders

  • How to Modify the Poses for Specific Needs 


Module 6:
Being in the Field of Magnificent Ease

Here's what we will explore:

  • How to Integrate ISY into a Traditional Yoga Practice

  • Foundational Sequences for Overall Well-Being

  • Foundational ISY Meditations

  • Teaching From a Place of Compassion and Understanding

  • Healing the Healer: The Importance of Self-Care for the Teacher

"The Integrative Somatic Yoga Level 1 Training with Lynne Jacobs was a beautiful experience that I encourage you to give yourself. I came to this course in search of continuing education through Yoga Alliance, with an interest in how I could help my students to better calm their nervous systems. Noticing the mental health crisis and wanting to help, I have become more focused on trauma informed care including somatic movement. When I saw Lynne’s course, I knew it was the one, I am so happy I took it, and look forward to the Level 2 Training in 2023. By taking this training I have intimately learned new ways to care for my body with intentional movement that stems from my center, and the importance of slowing down. I feel that what I learned in this course has helped me personally with the healing of my own body, as well as professionally as I feel I can reach my students on a deeper level with healing and helping them connect to their own bodies and hearts. Lynne provided such a lovely, safe, and calming space to learn, heal, and grow, it was an honor to take this training". ~ Amanda Humel 

Amanda Humel_edited.jpg

Walk away from this training empowered with these integrative tools and combined with your empathy and compassion will ensure that you are helping your students feel and be their best! 

"I wish everyone could take a training with Lynne!  It was a life changing experience for me"! ~ Beverly Beck


Somatics for Yoga Teachers

Level 1 In-Person Certification

January 20th/21st February 17th/18th, 2024

9:00am - 5:00pm 

SpringStone Yoga Center

Rome, Georgia

-Space is limited to 20 Students-

$597 For BOTH Weekends

Reserve Your Spot Today!

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