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A caring and safe online space supporting your wellbeing through

Somatic Movement - Gentle Yoga - Modern Breath Work and Mindful Meditation 


Welcome Dear Soul!


Do you yearn for a slower and deeply nourishing heart centered practice?  A practice that honors your unique mind and body and stage of life that you're in?  An intelligent practice that is centered around working with the nervous system for structural integration and relief from chronic tension and pain?  A practice that compassionately brings you home to your true sacred self? 

If you answered yes to any of these, I am excited to share with you an all new online community to practice yoga in a deeper and more accessible way along with connecting to a supportive community of students and teachers from all over the world that too desire this type of practice.

I invite you to join us at this time as a Founding Member of the new Essential Self Care Online Community. As a member you will have access to live monthly workshops, weekly classes, Q & A mentoring sessions, and a growing library of on-demand practice videos to access at any time.  This is an exciting time to now be offering this unique integrative practice online am I am grateful for my Founding Members! As a thank you, Founding Members will be able to join the online membership at a much lower rate than the regular membership rate and will lock into this rate even if the rate increases over time.  


The Founding Member rate is only for a limited time.  Join me and benefit from the wisdom of over twenty years of teaching as a yoga therapist and somatic movement educator. 

With Gratitude,


 Wherever You Are On The Path
We are Here to Support You With an Integrative Practice That: 

Is slower and deeply nourishing and accessible to all students and ages 

Allows for deeper cultivation of sensory awareness to help the body's innate intelligence to self-regulate and heal

Re-educates the neuromuscular system to relieve tension, joint stiffness, chronic fatigue


Connects you to a supportive and kind community of fellow students and teachers from all over the world

Increase proprioceptive awareness for better balance and posture

Supports a compassionate and trusting relationship with your body

Explores the deeper practices of pranayama, meditation and philosophy

Combines the gifts of ancient yoga with the modern science of somatic movement therapy

"In my experience, what Lynne offers is completely unique...such a powerful integrative experience of mind, body and spirit!   Even online, I experience Lynne as a teacher like no other! It’s not only her depth of knowledge and experience, but the way in which she is to invite, share, and draw others into that experience. She presents with such professionalism and expertise, and yet at the same time is so gentle, humble, authentic and approachable. Her presence, pace, tone, clarity and precision of language, guidance and instruction make everything so personal and accessible.  Lynne has heart and passion for what she shares with a generous spirit. All of this combines in such a unique way as to create an experience that is truly therapeutic, healing, wholesome, nourishing, pure, life-giving."  

  ~Tim Carroll

Yes, I want to learn more about the new online

Enrollment in the Essential Self-Care Community will be open seasonally, only three times a year. There will be monthly or yearly membership options. 

I'm excited to be sharing more details soon!  

Sign up below to get on the waiting list.

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